Turkey Trot: A family tradition!

Heidi Brashear ran her first Turkey Trot in 1993 and it became a family tradition ever since, just like it has for so many Houstonians.

By: Heidi Brashear, Turkey Trot participant

I have done the TXU Energy BakerRipley Turkey Trot so many times, I have lots of great memories. I ran it the first time in 1993 with my parents and sister and we continued to run it on and off through the years. I moved to Phoenix in 1998, but still came back every Thanksgiving and would run it occasionally.

In 2007, my parents moved into a high rise and while my husband and I were visiting for Thanksgiving, I was woken up thanksgiving morning to loud music 20 floors below. I looked out of the window and could see signs for the turkey trot. It was starting in the parking lot of my parents apartment! I was so excited, I dragged my husband out of bed and we ran it. We have run it almost every year since then. And now, our daughters run it with us too, which makes it even more fun and memorable! It is definitely a family tradition.