Trotting for Education!

Maybe you’re a Turkey Trotter who’s been running every October for years. Or maybe you’re a volunteer or partner who has only recently gotten to join the annual fun. Either way, your steps are championing and supporting Houston-area educational programs for learners of all ages!

For more than 114 years, BakerRipley has focused on the education of individuals across Houston, and provided the support necessary for all members of the family to earn, learn, and belong! That’s right, our history pre-dates World War I. And what started primarily as services to offer childcare in order for women to enter the labor force has since expanded to include primary education, vocational education, life-skills education, after-school programs, and so much more!

Those educational opportunities begin early, with Head Start programs which serve over 2,000 children today. These programs empower pre-kindergarten age children and families from our most vulnerable communities with the critical skills and training to be fully prepared to successfully enter kindergarten. Through the recent pandemic, these programs have blossomed into a suite of tools and opportunities that allow for year-round learning for young children and their families.

BakerRipley also runs charter schools that serve students from kindergarten all the way through middle school, ensuring that every young learner in our community has access to the kind of well-rounded scholastic education they deserve. When we launch Houston’s next generation successfully, we set our home region up for future success.

How do you think computers remember things?
After-school and summer programs combine community-building and skills-learning at a safe, clean environment.

After-school and summer programs at many of our BakerRipley campuses create additional learning opportunities for our children. They also create a safe environment when our hard-working mothers and fathers are earning a living. The ability to keep the whole family engaged, active, and safe keeps our local communities strong.

But it doesn’t stop there. BakerRipley operates a wide range of adult education programs, each of which acts as a bridge to self-sufficiency and community vitality. In one neighborhood, a mother is learning English as a second language in order to build bridges for her family. In another, a man learns finance and banking skills in order to better attain his life goals. Vocational classes, digital literacy classes, the list goes on and on. And with every adult who graduates, our communities grow stronger.

We believe in creating educational opportunities for anyone who wants to learn, and we would love to add our beloved Turkey Trotters to our list of passionate, powerful supporters.