The engine behind the work of Neighborhood Tax Centers and United Way THRIVE

For many of the families we serve at BakerRipley, coming into our Tax Centers can be the first step to a stronger financial future.

By: Jose Perez- Director of BakerRipley Tax Centers

The free, quality service we offer helps them claim the credits they qualify for and keep each dollar they have earned. So far, this year we have prepared over 38,000 tax returns, claimed $54 million in tax credits and refunds, and saved our community an average of $7.5 million in tax prep fees.

The money our neighbors save today with our free services, and the money and headaches they are able to avoid in the future through our honest and knowledgeable volunteer tax preparers can become money they use for a rainy day, clear debt and take care their needs they have put on hold.

Thanks to our partnership with United Way THRIVE we can go beyond that.
During tax season we are able to offer a matching program, where families that save part of their refund in a savings account in our Promise Credit Union are eligible for a free 25% match the following year (up to $250).

This past tax season 623 accounts where opened with a total of $434,626 total savings committed. This way our families are able to save and those without a bank account are able to establish credit.
Also, and all year-round, we connect families we serve with United Way THRIVE partners for job skill development, education resources and financial tools… the solid path to financial security.

Working together to help our families move up the economic ladder.