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Zahir’s story of persistence: From Afghan refugee to U.S. citizen

The American Dream is a timeless and powerful ideal. The idea that equality of opportunity is available to every U.S.

Voices of DACA, a BakerRipley Conversation

June 15, 2022, marks a historic moment: the 10th anniversary of the announcement of DACA. While this anniversary will forever

Helping hopeful neighbors achieve their Citizenship Dream

Houston is an amazing, vibrant and highly diverse place that we call home. Unfortunately, for many Houston-area immigrant neighbors, becoming

Fearing for his life, he fled to America

Roger La O Munoz suffered years of physical and psychological abuse in Cuba for defending the rights of his neighbors.

DACA: I have to continue to fight

After the recent decision, we talked to DACA recipients about growing up, coping with the anxiety, and about their hopes and dreams of one-day becoming American citizens.

Immigration: Operating where Human Rights cease to exist

Asylum seekers arriving in Mexico suffer horrific violence including assault, kidnapping, and rape.

No human should be expendable

Releasing people from detention now is not a partisan issue. It is a matter of public health. No human should be expendable during the coronavirus pandemic.

From volunteer to full-time employee at BakerRipley

Ernie Correa talks about his journey from volunteer to a full-time employee.

Know Your Rights

BakerRipley urges anyone who has a relative arrested or who witnesses a raid to call the Houston Immigrant Rights Hotline

Helping Asylum Seekers Who Escaped Genocide

“The Cameroonian women we’ve helped have experienced direct and horrific harm, beatings, rape, friends and family members being shot at and killed.”

Letter: Becoming a Citizen While Battling Homelessness

“Becoming a citizen of the United States is the highest honor that anyone who is not a native of this wonderful country could receive.”

James: An Immigration Story

His life changed when he found BakerRipley’s Immigration and Citizenship Program.