Phillips 66 Trots for a Better Houston

As we prepare for Turkey Trot 2021, we’re proud to spotlight Phillips 66 as our corporate sponsor honoree!

Phillips 66 shares BakerRipley’s values and vision for the vitality and prosperity of our neighborhoods. That’s why they’ve been an eager Turkey Trot sponsor since 2014.

Phillips 66 invests in civic enrichment initiatives because we understand that communities have unique and different civic strengths, interests and challenges,” says Claudia Kreisle, the Director of Social Impact at Phillips 66. “BakerRipley has something for every community, and it’s targeted to what that community needs. It brings a variety of services, so really anyone who goes there is going to find and receive support.”

The good people at Phillips 66 embrace the power of community engagement, recognizing the impact every individual has when they use their unique talents to make a difference in Houston communities. So deep is this organizational belief that Turkey Trot participation is now part of their employee culture.

Our employees love it. They do it again year after year. It’s great that they’re able to participate in the challenge leading up to the holidays. You’re doing it at work, but then you get to bring your family into it. And so it’s a nice way to combine both your professional and your personal lives and let your family be part of this community as well.

We’re eager to reconnect with our neighbors.”

Then COVID-19 hit

When COVID-19 turned so much of our lives upside down, threatening to drive economic and societal wedges between Houston neighbors, Phillips 66 decided to lean into their commitment to our communities.

After COVID hit,” Claudia continued, “we recognized the needs have changed. We recognized each of our partners’ priorities were changing. We increased our budget when most people were decreasing their budget. When something’s going on in our community, whether it’s a pandemic or natural disaster, we want to be one of the first on the scene to help ensure support and do what we can to help with that recovery and make it as smooth as possible, whether it’s the immediate relief or the long term recovery.

At BakerRipley, we’re proud to stand with Phillips 66 – and every caring Houstonian – as we strive to address the many and varied pandemic needs that continue to plague our communities. But together, we will continue creating Pathways to Possibilities for every Houston neighbor.

We’ve all missed the simple moments and the opportunities to connect with our families, our neighbors, our communities, and we’re eager to re-engage with each other and bring some good energy to our communities. We’re eager to reconnect with our neighbors.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we hope you’ll join us, our neighbors from Phillips 66, and every Houston Trotter at this year’s Turkey Trot. Come out to make memories, stride for health and wellness, and make a huge difference for families across our region that need your support!