Our friends at the shelter

"There's nothing like a storm friend. A friend you make because you saved one another in the midst of it all."

“There’s nothing like a storm friend. A friend you make because you saved one another in the midst of it all.” – Angela Blanchard, President & CEO BakerRipley.

John Herig – Volunteer for Therapy Dogs International.
“I drove from Indiana; it’s about an 18-hour drive. My dog Salmon is trained in disaster stress relief and we’re trying to talk with evacuees, support staff, medical folks and volunteers who are working long hours. We bring the dog to them to change their frame of mind for a few minutes and give them a little break. The dogs are full of love and they take all the negative energy given and try to transform it into positive energy.” IMG_1560.JPG

Danny Reynolds – Pastor, Uber driver and volunteer.
“I left Elk Grove California last Friday and arrived here on Monday, it was around 2010 miles. After seeing the devastation and pictures I decided to come and help. I’ve always volunteered and helped people, so this is in my heart, but never driven this far. I’m staying in my car, that’s where I sleep. I gave myself a two to four week window to help, so after this is done I’ll go somewhere else. When I decided to come I knew this was something I couldn’t do on my own financially so I started a GoFundMe page and I asked my friends who know me and my heart if they would help. I was talking to my sister and she was telling me how she wanted to help the people in Houston, so I told her, now you can. I’ve been posting on social media so people can see my journey. There’s no way I could have done this without the financial support and prayers from the people that I know. It would never of happened without them, I wouldn’t be here talking to you if it wasn’t for them.” IMG_1699.JPG

Patricia Perez – BakerRipley volunteer.
“People ask me how it went with the storm and I tell them it was 50/50. Thank God my house was ok but I haven’t been able to work since it happened. I clean houses but my two clients had flooding so I haven’t been going. I didn’t want to stay home so I’ve been volunteering since the beginning here at NRG. I’m a little worried because the rent is coming up and I need to work.”


Jinnie McConn – BakeRipley volunteer.
“I saw there was a need to volunteer and showed up… I started out last week in the family sleeping area, and saw that a lot of families needed pack-n-plays… We were concerned the cots weren’t good for small children, not meant for babies to sleep on, so we mobilized groups and some generous networks to gather pack-n-plays, strollers and car seats.” 170908_Black Sheep_BakerRipley_Color_0025.jpg

Paul Alaniz – Vietnam Veteran and volunteer.
“This has been very uplifting, to know that all the people here are in support of each other no matter about the race. Lobo is here for official duty, he’s my service dog for epilepsy. He’s going around so people can meet and pet him.”

Lareco Dixon – Student and volunteer.
“I’ve been working in the dispensary since the second day the shelter was open. They saw my work ethic and how I was handling stuff at the dispensary so they were like let’s get you on payroll. While here I’ve seen happiness because people have a place to stay and they are getting what they need. I’ve seen sadness as well. It’s also heart wrenching listening to people talk to you about how they lost everything. I’m enjoying meeting people and learning their stories. It teaches you to be versatile, humble, a people’s person.” 170908_Black Sheep_BakerRipley_Color_0033.jpg

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