Mary cries tears of joy

Mary Key, one of our neighbors, shares a note about her experience with BakerRipley during the pandemic.

Many of the older adults in our communities might live alone with no family to help them during a situation like COVID-19. Even before the pandemic studies showed a quarter of older Americans were socially isolated.

While most people can handle social distancing, this can have detrimental consequences for older adults in our communities. Furthermore, the feelings of loneliness and isolation have been associated with a variety of health-related conditions.

The BakerRipley team has been working around the clock to assess the needs of older adults in our community. In turn, we have implemented the telephone reassurance program where staff and volunteers call seniors for a weekly check-up.  

We’ve also delivered more than 100,000 meals and established virtual activities – like online bingo –to keep them healthy and engaged.  

Mary Key recently shared this note with our team. Mary attends our BakerRipley Harbach Campus and Bay Area Senior Health and Wellness Centers. The following note is edited for clarity.

A note to BakerRipley

First, I would like to thank BakerRipley for caring enough to ensure that I am protected, safe, and healthy during this pandemic.  I have been in the program since 2012 and never have I seen such caring people.

I called my family members in other states and told them about the great things BakerRipley was doing for me and others. As I told my story, I couldn’t help but cry. 

These were tears of joy!  When I feel I’m running low on food, I know I can depend on BakerRipley to deliver a meal box containing food for five days and it even includes goodies.  This box comes from caring people that take time out in their busy schedules to ensure my safety is wonderful. 

You are a Godsend

As a senior, I live off of a fixed income, and because of COVID-19, I have been spending money on cleaners, disinfectants, and other things to avoid getting ill and contracting the virus. 

This has left me with little money for food and much-needed essentials.  Due to my situation, the BakerRipley COVID-19 relief funds have made it possible so that I do not have to suffer or miss out on necessary items. 

The money was a gift from Heaven.  I recently fell and I injured myself so the money came at a good time and allowed me to pay outstanding hospital bills. 

I was able to fix my air conditioner which was greatly needed because of the dangerous heat index.  The additional money will be used to fix my dishwasher so that I don’t have to stand so long to wash dishes. 

Lastly, the welfare calls that I receive once a week from BakerRipley to make sure I am ok are a Blessing as well.  Thank you BakerRipley for everything, you are Godsend!”