30th Annual Turkey Trot. Trotting with the Lugos!

Thousands of Houstonians gather in the early morning streets. Some are philanthropists. Some are bankers. Some are teachers. Some are stay-at-home parents. They are mothers, brothers, friends, and colleagues — 

They are Turkey Trotters, and they are all excited to share this moment! This year, they’re all celebrating our 30th Annual BakerRipley Turkey Trot together. (And this year, we hope you’ll come out and join them!)

From Trot runners to BakerRipley staff, event volunteers to family members just there to support, everyone attending this massive Thanksgiving Day event is celebrating our Neighbors, our communities, our families, and our health.

Meet the Lugos!

Felix and his daughter, Monica, are life-long Houstonians. They are also long-time Trotters, having brought their family for all of Monica’s life. As an avid runner (who has run 62 marathons), Felix is the Trot’s Course Marshal. Monica just enjoys the family tradition.

“My mom’s always kind of like, do we have to do this?” Monica recalls with a laugh, “And me and my dad are like, ‘yes, we’re doing it this year.’ She tries to wiggle her way out of it sometimes. But we always get the better of her. Then everybody enjoys it.”

For their family, and hundreds of families like them, the Trot is more than just a run. It’s a family tradition – a chance to make memories, to “earn their turkey dinner”, and to connect with the greater Houston community. 

Even their kids have participated, enjoying the Kids K for years. Now some of them are graduating to the 5k, and Monica couldn’t be more proud.

A Long Tradition of Impact

As a runner and the Trot Course Marshal, Felix has seen a lot of changes over the years. What started with just 250 runners has exploded to over 10,000 Trotters each year.

While that number is impressive, the real strength of the BakerRipley Turkey Trot is that it helps BakerRipley serve nearly 500,000 Houston area neighbors.

Felix’s favorite moments during the race happen when he sees just how many people are enjoying themselves. 

 “When I’m on Westheimer, at the turnaround – Westheimer is like a four lane road – and they take up the entire street. Lots of people.”

And not all of those people are runners. They are different people with different goals and fitness levels. But Felix encourages them all, and everyone has a blast!

“You should at least try it once,” encourages Felix with a smile. “I guarantee if you come out once and do it, you’re gonna want to come back next year.”

Felix and Monica say that the Trot truly is for everyone. If you have a family, bring them. If you need a family to celebrate with, come out to the BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot! We’ll all be your family.

This is how Houston celebrates Thanksgiving. We can’t wait to celebrate it with you!