Kelli’s Quick Fundraising Tips

How's she become one of our most successful fundraisers yet!

Kelli Lupold’s enthusiasm for the TXU Energy Houston Turkey Trot is contagious. And it pays off; in only her second season as a fundraiser she’s already $100 ahead of her goal.

Looking for opportunities to make a difference in the community when she joined BakerRipley, she decided to get involved through fundraising and volunteering. And Turkey Trot, our biggest fundraiser, was where she thought she could make the most impact.

“Since I don’t run the race, I wanted to contribute in a different way.” she explained. “If you are in business Support Services and don’t have the opportunity to directly work with the community, it can be a struggle to feel like you are making a difference.” Kelli said.
Kelli set-up a fundraising page and raised over $500 with the help of her friends and family last year. Motivated to beat it, Kelli set her 2016 goal at $600 and she’s off to an incredible start. In less than a month she’s already ahead of her goal and close to $700, currently leading all staff.

“I would really encourage people to get involved; fundraising is such an easy way to feel like you are making an impact on this agency and the work we do.”

Wondering how she does it? So are we. We caught up with Kelli and asked her to share some tips for fundraising success.

1) Use your personal connection and story
“Last year was easy because it was my first year at BakerRipley, and everyone kind of knew that this was a really big move for me,” Kelli said. “I talked about how the agency has impacted me and shared that with people.”

2) Send themed emails and messages
“I send out these emails with certain themes – this summer, it was connected to the Olympics and how my team needed to go for the gold!” Kelli said. “I also use Facebook to communicate with people I don’t see very often and ask them to get involved as well.”

3) Create a fundraising team!
Get creative and get competitive! Think of some cool names and run with it – no pun intended! Kelli stressed building momentum and keeping it a team building thing, a “we are in this together” attitude.

4) Let your excitement be contagious!
Be vulnerable and honest, Kelli suggests. Don’t be shy, say “I’m hoping to raise as much as I can and I hope you can help me.”

Don’t forget – the Houston Turkey Trot supports more than half a million people in the Houston area. Your efforts are a part of a movement. It helps our communities thrive by connecting people to better jobs, resources and education.

Do you have what it takes to fundraise? Join the movement!

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.38.39 AM.pngHave fun with it and guess what? If you raise $500, you get this awesome shirt that Kelli is sporting!