We need to talk...

All around the world, there’s an urgent need for compassion – a need for us all to come together, and to talk.

We’re living in a time where our differences are making headlines, while our humanity, our common ground, bows to fear.

That’s why we launched the HUMAN campaign because what we have in common is more important than the differences that divide us.

These conversations are uncomfortable, but we need to open up the dialogue to push forward and understand the things we may fear.

Solving issues engrained in our history will always bring up uncomfortable narratives, but if we can solve them together as neighbors, friends, and fellow humans, then we have a chance at success.

HUMAN opens up a new dialogue about who we are, and what we have in common. A few people in our network shared what it means to them to be HUMAN.

Elizabeth Marroquin:
“This is who I am: I have been very blessed in my life and rewarded with good family, friends and good health. I am human because I belong. I am grateful and happy to be able to share this.”

Sean Brennan:
“You are more vulnerable than you think and stronger than you can imagine.”

Angela Parks:
“A compassionate #HUMAN cannot just ignore the suffering of others because his/her purpose in life is to help others.”

Charles Adiukwu:
“As an immigrant, where I came from is just as important as where I’m going.”

Ruth Milburn:
“My life is full. I have had the joy of knowing many wonderful people, including my husband and my sons. I love the earth, my home. I have had the joy of making music with others, and the peace of solitary walks in nature. I have felt deeply both triumph and disappointment. I am human.”

You’re human, and we may have something in common – tell us about it. Visit to share your story with others.