How we help after disasters.

BakerRipley has an important role in disasters. We are responsible for assistance with long term recovery after Hurricane Harvey.

BakerRipley has an important role in disasters. We are responsible for assistance with long term recovery.

Ways you can help now:


Both monetary and non-monetary donations are accepted. Please refer to the “Priority Needs List” for current non-monetary needs. Note: If you do not have a pallet or more of items to donate at this time, you may plan to donate your items for the long-term disaster recovery effort that will be managed by BakerRipley after the shelter closes. It can take many months for households to achieve long-term recovery after a storm as devastating as Harvey, so the ongoing need for donations will be posted on our website and social media pages – please monitor them at:

Make a monetary donation to aid in long-term recovery.

If you would like to donate in smaller quantities (less than a pallet) now, please deliver items to 2500 Summer Street between 8AM and 6PM / 7 days a week.

Questions may be sent to


You can register at NRG Center. Enter at Gate 10. Minimum age is 16 years old. Bring a PHOTO ID.

There are three shifts available:
First Shift: 7am to 4pm
Second Shift: 4pm to 12am
Third Shift: 12am to 7am

If you’re available, please consider volunteering during the overnight shifts.


Working in collaboration with other agencies, we pick up after the initial emergency responders and work on helping people restart their lives. We employ service connectors who have knowledge about how to help people: 

Navigate systems (emergency assistance, insurance, etc…),
Secure employment, making the right decisions about their homes and property,
Find educational opportunities. 

We also know a lot about the emotional side of recovery – the stages people move through when they must face significant losses. It helps to know these road signs – we can be reassuring guides. 

By using our existing centers, systems and relationships to reach people, funds for recovery go directly to programs for people who need them.

Our role is get people access so they can earn, learn and belong. No matter what.