Houston Turkey Trot: Loral shows some love from Little Rock

From her home in Little Rock, Arkansas, Loral tells us her Houston Turkey Trot story!

Loral Parr and her husband are avid runners who love running for a good cause. Coincidentally, last year while visiting Houston on vacation, they stumbled upon the BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot. From her home in Little Rock, Arkansas, Loral tells us her Trot story!

How did you find out about Turkey Trot?

We were getting ready to go for a run around the hotel when we noticed a lot of people getting ready for a race. There was such an excitement in the air that day! After mingling around and talking to other runners about the race I went back to my hotel room and looked it up.

I saw what the money is raised for and I like doing races where there is a great cause. You guys have a blueprint on how to bring people together to bring up communities.  

Are you going virtual?

As soon as registration opened for 2020 we signed up. We also made flight and hotel reservations and then COVID hit.  We were so disappointed, but we’re still going to do it virtually! I’ve done a few virtual runs this year and I put it on social media and get the word out. It’s a different experience and I miss the people and the crowd, but you just go forward and run with it!

Why support the BakerRipley Houston Turkey Trot?

It’s a great race to support and other people come from out of town to support it as well. You’ve built a community atmosphere in that race. 

And you’re trying to build a community of excellence, with education, connection, and resources for people. The resources are not as great in some communities, even more now with COVID and you reach a lot of people.

Are you coming next year?

Yes, we’re coming and it’s going to be exciting to be in Houston! I run a lot of races all around but there aren’t many like this one.