Healthy foods for a healthy life.

Leading a healthy life involves making healthy food choices for ourselves and families.

Earlier this year, 36 moms at our Harbach-Ripley Neighborhood Center got an opportunity to learn about nutrition and easy ways to make healthy and affordable meals for their families as part of Healthy for LifeTM 20 by 20, a national pilot program launched by our partners Aramark and American Heart Association.

One of those moms is Lizet Gasca. Our team discovered her talents and desire to cook vegan food when she began sharing how she keeps her family healthy with others.


“I share the benefits of any fruits or seeds. I talk about how to save money when you buy your food, where to buy it, and the new ingredients they can taste. I think it’s very important to get to know that in our kitchens we can cook with a lot of flavors, and it’s very easy.”

Lizet’s journey began when she was looking for alternatives to manage her health.

“I was looking for healthy recipes because I have diabetes. I discovered a word that was different to me – vegan,” she said. “I started my search about what it meant, and discovered a lot of videos about animal cruelty, so I decided to go vegan.”

View her video above to learn more about her story.

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