Healthy Does It

This is our community-level response to connecting underserved neighbors with healthy resources.

We believe in a holistic approach to transforming communities. BakerRipley connects families to healthy resources, throughout the year and in preparation for back-to-school. We work with a variety of partners and health providers in our communities so that they can provide our neighbors with free health screenings and other tools to be fit.

More than 6,000 immunizations and screenings for cholesterol, BMI, glucose, and blood-pressure – all critical indicators of one’s current health status – were provided in 2015. Approximately 860 pallets of food were distributed during our fairs. We hosted 18 insurance drives, where our neighbors received coverage information and application assistance.

Although our neighbors don’t always receive apples when they walk through our center doors, they do know where to come to find resources. Your donations keep our doors open and help our neighbors stay healthy, strong and engaged. Your impact starts here.