Entrepreneurs compete in Lánzate Houston

BakerRipley’s Small Business announced “Lánzate Houston” winners.

BakerRipley’s Small Business team hosted the 2nd annual pitch competition “Lánzate Houston”, where local entrepreneurs presented their projects in front of a panel of judges.

Lánzate Houston is a place where entrepreneurs in our city can showcase their visions and get help in accomplishing their dreams. The competition is divided into two categories, the Launch category (composed of people who have a business idea) and the Grow category (entrepreneurs with a business in operation) with five participants in each category.

Lánzate Houston participants

Each participant pitched their business to our guest judges – five minutes for the pitch and two minutes to answer questions. The scores were based on the type of service or product they were offering, their target market, competitive advantage, and business expertise.

In the Launch category, the third-place winner was Luz Elena Llamas and her business School Shoes, specializing in the sale of children’s school shoes. Second place winner was Kevin Cruz and his business E.L.D.O.A – a revolutionary form of exercise specifically targeting individuals who suffer from chronic pain. The first-place winner was Maria Esther Hernandez with Omni Languange, an electronic platform used for locating and obtaining interpretation services in emergencies.

In the grow category, third place winner was Valentina Márquez and Silvana Trejos with their business Athena Cleaning Services LLC, a commercial and residential cleaning company that empowers women to become independent contractors. Second place winner was Hilda Arredondo and her business Piñatas San Miguel, providing traditional and custom made piñatas. The first-place winner was Albin Barrios with his business Doux, which specializes in the commercialization of edible pigments for baked goods and other food items.

BakerRipley is proud of all of this year’s participants and we wish them continued success!