Entrepreneur Connection: Starting a trucking business

BakerRipley's Entrepreneur Connection program helps neighbors start a trucking business.

Paula and Adolfo Garcia aren’t strangers to the construction business – for more than 20 years, they’ve run a business installing granite countertops. However, they recently noticed a shift in the construction industry and a consistent need that sprung up after Harvey – dump trucks.

“We were looking for additional income and for a more flexible work schedule to take advantage of family time, something that is getting difficult to do,” says Paula.

They recognized that the industry was moving towards subcontracting out specific needs, and that it was cost-effective for companies to hire dump trucks for the removal of debris, garbage and leftover materials from the construction site.

Because of the growth and need for construction in the Houston region, Paula and Adolfo created A Garcia Trucking.

Both are alumni of the Entrepreneur Connection Program at BakerRipley, where they learned how to run a succesful business.
BR Gracia Trucking Image.png
Leaning from the best practices of their first company, Paula and Adolfo manage their new venture with the highest standards.

“This is a very competitive market. If we want to obtain and retain clients, gain their loyalty and build relationships of trust, we have to always show our commitment to the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction,” Adolfo tells us. “All this and much more we learned in the classes of BakerRipley’s Entrepreneur Connection Program and now we are putting it into practice in both businesses.”

These small entrepreneurs are an example of how perseverance, hard work and continuous education are the best tools for a successful business.

Entrepreneurship Hub in East Aldine
Throughout our Appreciative Community Building efforts in the communities we serve across Houston, small business and entrepreneurship emerge as strongly valued themes.

Many residents have aspirations to start or grow their business and improve the wider business landscape in their community.

In East Aldine, specifically, half of all residents we recently surveyed, either currently sell goods or services, or wish to own a business in the future. Our neighbors desire to start a business is also high, with findings indicating that one in five people wanted to start their own business in the future.

To further support this, the central hub for our Entrepreneur Connection program will be housed in the new BakerRipley East Aldine Campus set to open in late summer. This bilingual program closes the opportunity gap for lower-income entrepreneurs who often do not have access to the mentorship, financial capital, or educational opportunities that higher-income populations enjoy.

For more information about BakerRipley’s Entrepreneur Connection Program or for help with your business contact 346-226-1591.