Disaster Recovery Update: May 2018

May 2018 Update: Learn about the impact of our disaster recovery work

BakerRipley’s Get Connected Disaster Recovery Services aims to work with neighbors towards the restoration of their pre-disaster livelihoods, or to help them find their new normal. Impacted neighbors are assigned to a case manager who works with them one-one-one to develop a pathway to recovery. This is done by connecting them to available community resources and may include city/county services workshops, and direct assistances from trusted community organizations. Our focus is on low-income neighbors, the elderly, and people living in vulnerable neighborhoods.

To date, we’ve served neighbors that stayed in the NRG Center Shelter; those who contacted BakerRipley by referral from the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE or by other partners; those who contacted us directly; and those neighbors that have visited the Neighborhood Restoration Centers.

Anyone, regardless of status, can access and benefit from our services.

Check out our infographic and learn about our impact.

2018.05.15 DR INFOGRAPHIC WITH 211 KP RS.png

Disclaimer: BakerRipley Disaster Recovery Services are supported by the United Way Relief Fund of Greater Houston, the City of Houston and Harris County Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the generosity of corporate, individual and foundation donors.