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Oni’s Drive and BakerRipley’s Support Make Career Dreams Come True

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Oni Meeks, a young BakerRipley CompTIA A+ graduate and IT professional.

Verizon Digital Training is Changing Lives

Verizon’s Community Forward program is an ambitious, forward-thinking, society-shaping effort to enhance Houston’s community vitality by addressing the widening Digital

Everything seems impossible until you achieve it

“I’m an example that you can achieve what you want. BakerRipley doesn’t only give you the tools, it helps you achieve your goals.”

Electrical training program is changing lives

Electrical training program is changing lives

Jonathan Eubanks, a decorated Air Force veteran, didn’t see real career growth opportunities working as a security guard in Houston. What changed for Jonathan and how does this affect the future of Houston’s workforce?

ASPIRE: Connecting 1

ASPIRE: Connecting 1,000 People to Better Jobs

Jared’s dream of becoming a mechanical engineer seemed unreachable – until he found out about the ASPIRE program.