BakerRipley launches new ESL for Families program

What are the main contributors to a child’s academic success? At BakerRipley we’ve learned that it comes down to two key factors: strong educational instruction and parent engagement.

For instance, a parents involvement and literacy level can make all the difference. To further our work in this area, the BakerRipley Adult Education Team is launching a new program.

We’re starting ESL for Families in two select Aldine Independent School District schools starting this fall. The goal is to increase parent engagement with classes that are specific to their school environment.

Navigating American school system

The American school system can be overwhelming for many of our ESL parents. They have to reluctantly ask their children to translate.

“We assume that schools around the world are all similar, with the same expectations and norms, but that’s just not the case,” explains Melanie Fisk, Senior Director of Adult Education at BakerRipley.

To this end, classes and lesson plans will be designed for each specific campus. The curriculum will cover parent-teacher conferences, report cards, and homework support for their children.

“This gives parents the confidence needed to navigate the American school system, empowering them to advocate for their child’s academic success,” adds Melanie.

We are looking forward to this opportunity and can’t wait to share our progress.

“There is nothing like seeing the pride in a parent’s face when they realize that they can provide a foundation for their children to reach their dreams,” concludes Melanie.