BakerRipley: A Solution for Living Alone with Dementia

Living with dementia is hard; living alone with dementia is nearly impossible.

Did you know there are more than 58,000 adults living with dementia in Harris County? And this is expected to grow by 30% in the next ten years.

BakerRipley_Dementia by the numbers

That’s why BakerRipley is focused on improving the lives of these individuals through a variety of programs, services, and partnerships.

If living with dementia is hard; then living alone with dementia is nearly impossible. According to experts, a person living alone with dementia is at increased risk for a variety of health and safety concerns.

Challenges living alone with dementia

Even the person with dementia, doesn’t want to feel isolated – they need a sense of connection. So, we’re working to address this through the Houston Alliance to Address Dementia project and the BakerRipley Dementia Specific Case Management (DSCM) program.

With additional support for these programs, we can improve the quality of life of our neighbors while potentially reducing costs in our healthcare system.

In her latest white paper, Sr. Director of Dementia and Caregiver Services Katie Scott, explains how BakerRipley advocates for better support of people living alone with dementia.

Read Katie Scott’s white paper: Dementia Specific Case Management: A Solution for Living Alone with Dementia.

The BakerRipley Dementia Day Center

The Baker Ripley Dementia Day Center is the first dementia-specific adult day center in Houston. We believe individuals with dementia deserve a nurturing space to engage in a purposeful and meaningful life.

Contact our Older Adults Care Line: 713-685-6577 and Visit our Dementia Caregiver Resource Website for more information.

Katie Scott, MPH, is the Sr. Director of Dementia and Caregiver Services of BakerRipley. She leads regional and statewide initiatives to improve care and support for families affected by dementia.