Census 2020: Working for a complete count

BakerRipley is working to inform our neighbors about the importance of Census 2020.

The 2020 Census is here and at BakerRipley we’ve been working hard to get the word out in our communities.

With coordination from Houston in Action, BakerRipley and 50 other organizations have been working in Harris County to inform our communities. By sharing data and visiting communities that have been hard to count in the past, the goal is to get full participation.

Daniel Meza, BakerRipley Census Organizers, talks about the importance of Census 2020 and how it ensures BakerRipley can continue to bring resources, education, and connection to emerging communities.

BakerRipley Census Organizer, Daniel Meza, explains the importance of Census 2020.

All In For a complete count

By Daniel Meza, BakerRipley Census Organizer

Ten years ago, when the census came around, my biggest concern was not whether my family or community would get counted, but whether I would have the newest Playstation 3.

However, now that the 2020 Census is here, I am all in for a complete count. The question of whether I should participate should not arise in the mind of our community members.

Unfortunately, many are asking themselves this question and many are resolving not to participate in the census count. This is dangerous for many reasons.

Firstly, not only is the individual or family not being counted, but their community is also going to be lacking in funding, resources, and representation. Second, this lack of participation serves to propagate and continue a cycle of apathy as well as disenfranchisement.

For instance, increasing participation and civic engagement have a direct correlation with better neighborhoods and standards of living.

Yes! to Census 2020

There is no risk in participating in the census since our private information is confidential for 72 years. Moreover, it cannot be shared or used by any governmental agency or outside party,

Finally, any Census Bureau staff with access to our personal information swears a lifetime oath to not share our information at risk of a $250,000 fine or up to five years in prison.

The benefits of participating in the census include more funding for our roads, schools, parks, clinics, and governmental assistance programs such as CHIP, Medicare, SNAP, WIC, and many more.

It also means better representation by having more representatives in Congress. Furthermore, our voting districts are also updated and redrawn based on the updated population count. The census essentially determines how our country operates and proceeds.

Take the pledge to make yourself and your household count in the census.

Visit https://2020census.gov/en or Spa: https://2020census.gov/es.html to learn more.